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Greek Bronze Standing Girl

An ancient Greek bronze statuette of a young girl wearing a long peplos belted at the waist; her hair braided at the top of her head, and falling in curls to the sides, her right arm is raised, once holding an object. The statuette is hollow cast and filled with lead; the arms separately cast and attached with pins at the peplos’ shoulder straps, the eyes recessed to receive inlay.

Ca. 4th century BC.

Height: 6 1/2 in. (16.5 cm).

This bronze statuette is likely a representation of one of the young devotees of the goddess Artemis, patron of wild forest animals, that were known as the arktoi (little bears). The young aristocratic girls, aged 5 through 10, performed the sacred bear dance in the rural sanctuary of Artemision at Brauron in Attica, where similar representations have been found.

cf.:P. G. Themelis, Brauron: Guide to the Sanctuary and the Museum, pp. 70-71; C. Vermeule and A. Brauer, Stone Sculptures, (Harvard), no. 27; M. True and A. Herrmann, A Passion for Antiquities: The Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman Collection, (Malibu, 1994) p. 113, no. 50.

Formerly in a German private collection.

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