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Greek Bronze Nude Athlete

An ancient Greek bronze statuette of a nude male athlete standing in a relaxed pose, his muscular torso well defined, and wearing a diadem.

Ca. 330 – 300 BC.

Height: 5 1/4 in. (13.3 cm).

Based upon the statue of Agias attributed to Lysippos, 337-332 BC.

Formerly with H. Cahn, Basel; subsequently with Royal-Athena Galleries, 1990; subsequently in the John Kluge collection, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Published: J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, vol. VI, part 2, (1991), no. 22; C. Vermeule and J. Eisenberg, Catalogue of the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Bronzes in the Collection of John Kluge, (New York and Boston, 1995), no. 93-05.
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