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Egyptian Old Kingdom Limestone Relief

An ancient Egyptian large Old Kingdom painted limestone bas-relief depicting four bronzed males wearing white kilts moving in a procession to the right. They balance on their shoulders and extended left hands trays with offerings of vases and provisions. Satchels and baskets hang from their arms. One bears a small white calf with his right arm. Extensive red, black, green, and yellow pigments remain.

Old Kingdom, Saqqara,

5th – 6th Dynasty, Ca. 2498 – 2181 BC.

Width: 29 1/2 in. (75 cm).

cf.: for similar painted bas relief offering bearers, the mastaba tomb of Hagmeni, in the Teti Cemetery at Saqqara.

Formerly in a New York private collection; with Royal-Athena Galleries, 2002; previously in a French private collection.

Inv#: 7912

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