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Egyptian Limestone Bust of a Scribe

An ancient Egyptian limestone bust of a scribe wearing a striated wig and a tight sheath-like garment; his left hand, clutching a palette, is raised to his breast.

New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty,

Ca. 1540 – 1292 BC

Height: 8 in. (20.5 cm).

Most scribes are depicted seated on the ground with crossed legs, an open scroll on their lap, and their torso bared revealing rolls of fat to indicative of their success in life. Here, however, is a more formal portrait. Probably from a seated statue, the man wears the traditional wig of the period as well as closely fitted cloak similar to that worn by Ptah, from which emerges his left hand clutching a scribal palette.

Formerly in a French private collection.

Inv#: 8639

Price On Request

Guaranteed Authentic

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