A Brief Chronology of Ancient Egyptian History 

Ca. 700,000 BC Begining of the Lower Paleolithic Period in the Nile Valley.
Ca. 10,000 BC End of the late Paleolithic Period.
9000-4700 BC Neolithic Period.
5300-3000 BC Pre-Dynastic Period (Amartian-Naqada I, Gerzean-Naqada II, and Naqada III). Copper tools.
3000-2686 BC Early Dynastic Period. Unification of Egypt under Namer - Narmer Palette.
3000-2890 BC 1st Dynasty: Aha, Djer, Djet, Den, Queeen Merneith, Anedjib, Semerkhet, and Qa'a. Tombs at Abydos.
2890-2686 BC 2nd Dynasty: Hetepsekhhemy, Raneb, Nynetjer, Weneg, Sened, Peribsen, and Khasekhemwy.
2686-2125 BC OLD KINGDOM
2686-2613 BC 3rd Dynasty.
2667-2648 BC Reign of Djoser. Step Pyramid of Djoser built by Vizier Imhotep.
2613-2494 BC 4th Dyansty: Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza constructed.
2613-2494 BC Reign of Snefru, builder of the Bent Pyramid at Dashur.
2589-2566 BC Reign of Khufu (Cheops).
2558-2532 BC Reign of Khafra (Chephren).
2532-2503 BC Reign of Menkaura (Mycerinus).
2494-2345 BC 5th Dynasty: Userkaf, Sahura,Shepseskara, Raneferef, Djedkara, Unas.
2345-2181 BC 6th Dynasty: Teti, Userkara, Pepy I, Merenra, Pepy II, Nitiqret. Pyramid of Pepy II at Saqqara.
2160-2055 BC FIRST INTERMEDIATE PERIOD - 9th & 10th Dynasties rule form Herakleopolis, the 11th from Thebes.
2055-1985 BC Reunification of Egypt under 11th Dynasty Pharaohs, Mentuhotep I, II, II, and IV. Temple of Mentuhotep.
1985-1773 BC 12th Dynasty.
1985-1956 BC Reign of Amenemhat I.
1956-1911 BC Reign of Sesostris I. Pyramdi temple of Sesostris I at Lisht.
1911-1877 BC Reign of Amenemhat II.
1877-1777 BC Reigns of Senusret II and III, Amenemhat II and IV. Pavillion of Sestrosis III at Karnak.
1771-ca. 1650 13th Dynasty: Wegaf, Sobekhotep II, Hor, Khendjer, Sobekhotep III, Naferhotep I, Ay.
1650-1550 BC SECOND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD - 15th Dynasty Hyksos rulers, 16th Dynasty Theban rulers.
1580-1550 BC 17th Dyansty: Rahotep, Intef VI, VII, VIII, Taa, Kamose.
1550-1069 BC NEW KINGDOM
1550-1295 BC 18th Dynasty. Tombs at Thebes.
1550-1525 BC Ahmose reunifies Egypt.
1525-1504 BC Reign of Amenhotep I.
1504-1492 BC Reign of Tuthmosis I. Obelisk at Karnak.
1492-1479 BC Reign of Tuthmosis II.
1479-1425 BC Reign of Tuthmosis III.
1473-1458 BC Reign of Queen Hatshepsut, construction of her temple at Dier-el-Bahari, expedition to Punt.
1400-1336 BC Reigns of Amehotep II
1400-1390 BC Reign of Tuthmosis IV
1390-1352 BC Amenhotep III. Palace at Malkata.
1352-1336 BC Reign of Amenhotep IV/ Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti, Amarna Period.
1338-1336 BC Reign of Neferneferuaten (Smenkhekara).
1336-1327 BC Reign of Tutankhamun.
1327-1295 BC Reigns of Ay and Horemheb.
1295-1069 BC Ramesside Period.
1295-1186 BC 19th Dynasty: Rameses I, Sety I, Rameses II, Merenptah, Sety II. Ramesseum built at Thebes.
1279-1213 BC Reign of Rameses II. Temple at Abu Simbel, Hypostyle Hall at Karnak.
1186-1069 BC 20th Dynasty: Rameses III - XI. Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu.
1069-945 BC 21st Dynasty (Tanite).
1039-991 BC Reign of Psusennes I
984-978 BC Reign of Osorkon the Elder.
959-945 BC Reign of Psusennes II.
945-715 BC 22nd Dynasty (Libyan).
945-924 BC Reign of Sheshonq I.
924-889 BC Reign of Osorkon I.
874-850 BC Reign of Osorkon II.
825-773 BC Reign of Sheshonq III.
767-730 BC Reign of Sheshonq V.
818-715 BC 23rd Dynasty (Libyan or Bubastite).
727-715 BC 24th Dynasty (Libyan or Bubastite).
747-656 BC 25th Dynasty (Nubian/Kushite). Temple of Amon at Gebel Barkal.
664-332 BC LATE PERIOD - Iron is first smelted in Egypt. Demotic language/ script.
664-525 BC 26th Dynasty (Saite).
664-610 BC Reign of Psamtik I.
589-570 BC Reign of Apries.
570-526 BC Reign of Ahmose II.
525-404 BC 27th Dynasty - Persian rule.
404-399 BC 28th Dynasty: Amyrtaios.
399-380 BC 29th Dynasty: Nephrites I and II, Hakor.
380-343 BC 30th Dynasty.
380-362 BC Reign of Nectanebo I.
360-343 BC Reign of Nectanebo II.
343-332 BC Period of Second Persian Rule.- Darius III.
332 BC Alexander the Great crowned pharaoh at Memphis.
331 BC Foundation of Alexandria.
305-31 BC Ptolemaic Dynasty.
305-285 BC Ptolemy I Soter.
196 BC Rosetta Stone, Reign of Ptolemy V.
170-116 BC Ptolemy VIII Euergetes.
51-31 BC Cleopatra VII.
36-32 BC Antony in Alexandria, marries Cleopatra VII.
31 BC Octavian defeats Antony and Cleopatra at Actium, end of the Ptolemaic kingdom.
30 BC 395 AD Roman rule of Egypt.
Ca. 300 AD Coptic Christianity in Egypt.



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