A Brief Chronology of Ancient Near Eastern History

7000 BC Prehistoric cultures.
5600-4500 BC Tel Halaf Period (northern Mesopotamia).
5500-5000 BC Hacilar Period in Anatolia.
5500-4000 BC Ubaid culture in Mesopotamia.
4000-3700 BC Early Uruk Period (southern Mesopotamia).
3700-3500 BC Middle Uruk Period.
3500-3100 BC Late Uruk Period.
Ca. 3500 BC Troy I Period.
Ca. 3500 BC Chalcolithic Period in Syria
3100-2900 BC Jemdet Nasr Period.
Ca. 3000 BC Proto-Elamite Period in Iran
2900-2334 BC Early Dynastic I-III Period including rulers: Pu-abi and Mes-ane-pada. Ebla archives.
Ca. 2800 BC Early Bronze Age in Syria.
Ca. 2600 BC Enmebaragesi of Kish.
2570-2342 BC Rulers of Lagash, including Ur-nanshe and Uru-inim-gina
2340-2316 BC Reign of Lugalzegesi, ruler of Uruk, Umma, and Sumer.
2334-2154 BC Akkadian Period. Old Akkadian cuneiform tablets.
2334-2279 BC Reign of Sargon of Akkad, beginging of Akkadian Dyansty.
2278-2270 BC Reign of Rimush.
2269-2255 BC Reign of Manishtushu.
2254-2218 BC Reign of Naram-Sin.
2217-2193 BC Reign of Shar-kali-sharri.
2144-2122 BC Reign of Gudea, ruler of Lagash.
2121-2118 BC Reign of Ur-Ningirsu, Lagash.
2112-2004 BC Third Dynasy of Ur. Umma, Puzrish-Dagan and Girsu Archives.
2112-2095 BC Reign of Ur-Nammu.
2094-2047 BC Reign of Shulgi.
2046-2038 BC Reign of Amar-Sin.
2037-2029 BC Reign of Shu-Sin.
2028-2004 BC Reign of Ibbi-Sin.
2017-1763 BC Isin-Larsa Period.
2004-1595 BC Old Babylonian Period. Archives from Larsa, Nippur, Eshnunna, Sippar, Tell ed-Der, Ur and Kish.
1934-1924 BC Reign of Lipit-Ishtar, Isin.
1920-1740 BC Old Assyrian Period (northern Mesopotamia).
1900-1500 BC Old Elamite Period in Iran.
Ca. 1790 BC Reign of Sin-Kashid of Uruk.
1894-1881 BC Reign of Sumuabum, 1st Dyansty of Babylon begins.
1880-1845 BC Reign of Sumulael.
1830-1813 BC Reign of Apil-Sin.
1812-1793 BC Sin-muballit.
1792-1750 BC Reign of Hammurabi.
1749-1712 BC Reign of Samsuiluna.
1711-1684 BC Reign of Abi-eshuh.
1683-1647 BC Reign of Ammiditana.
1646-1626 BC Reign of Ammisaduqa.
1625-1595 BC Reign of Samsuditana.
1650-1400 BC Old Hittite Period in Anatolia.
1595-1157 BC Kassite Period (southern Mesopotamia).
1500-1350 BC Mitannian Period (northern Mesopotamia). Alalakh archives.
1400-1200 BC Hittite Empire in Anatolia.
1160 BC Elamite invasion of Babylon.
1156-1025 BC Second Dynasty of Isin.
883-612 BC Neo-Assyrian Period.
883-859 BC Reign of Ashurnasirpal II (northern Mesopotamia).
858-824 BC Reign of Shalmaneser III.
850-600 BC Urartian Period in Anatolia.
775-690 BC Phrygian Period in Anatolia.
721-705 BC Reign of Sargon II (northern Mesopotamia).
704-681 BC Reign of Sennacherib.
680-669 BC Reign of Esahaddon.
668-627 BC Reign of Ashurbanipal.
625-539 BC Neo-Babylonian Period. Chaldean Dynasy, Archives of Babylon.
604-560 BC Reign of Nebuchadnezzar II.
Ca. 600 BC Persia conquers Lydia.
555-539 BC Reign of Nabonidus.
559-331 BC Achaemenid Dynasty. Old Persian manuscripts, Late Elamite tablets.
559-530 BC Reign of Cyrus.
521-486 BC Reign of Darius I.
499 BC Persians attack Naxos.
485-465 BC Reign of Xerxes.
490-479 BC Battle of Marathon. Persian invasion of Greece under Xerxes.
480-479 BC Battles of Thermopylae and Salamis. Battle of Plataea. Athens sacked by Persia.
358-338 BC Reign of Artazerxes.
334 BC Alexander invades Persia, Battle of Granicus River.
332 BC Alexander beseiges Tyre.
331 BC Macedonians capture Babylon. Battle of Gaugemela, Alexander defeats Darius III.
330 BC Persepolis sacked and occupied by the Macedonians.
323 BC Death of Alexander at Babylon.
311 BC Seleucid Dynasty begins.
281-260 BC Reign of Antiochos I Soter.
75 AD The latest Babylonian cuneiform tablets.



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