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Roman Marble Aphrodite

An ancient Roman marble statuette of Aphrodite Anadyomene; the Goddess of Love is depicted fully nude, emerging from her bath and arranging her hair.

Ca. 1st century AD.

Height: 15 in. (38 cm).

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. She was also known as Cypris and Cytherea after the two islands, Cyprus and Cythera, where she was said to have originated. The Anadyomene (rising) type is one of the most popular representations of Aphrodite, as according to Greek mythology the goddess was born from the foam of the sea. Hephaestus was her husband, the child Eros her companion, and Ares one of her lovers.

cf.: M. Bieber, The Sculpture of the Hellenistic Age, (New York, 1955), p. 99; fig. 391.

Formerly in a German private collection.

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