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Greek Terracotta Antefix: Gorgoneion

A large ancient Greek painted terracotta antefix with the the grimacing face of a Gorgon, probably Medusa, surrounded by rearing snakes.

Tarentine, Southern Italy.

Ca. 520 – 500 BC.

Width: 8 1/4 in. (20.9 cm).

Antefixes were ornamental pottery caps that covered the open ends left by semi-cylindrical tiles at the edge of a temple roofs. They were often adorned with apotropaic images like Gorgons and Satyrs.

Formerly in the collection of Artemis A. W. Joukowsky (1930-2020) and Dr. Martha Sharp Joukowsky (1936-2022), Providence, Rhode Island,; previously, Christie’s, London, March 23, 1971, lot 85.

Exhibited: Providence, List Art Center, Brown University, Love for Antiquity: Selections from the Joukowsky Collection, 12 October-8 November 1985.
Published: T. Hackens & R. Winkes, eds., Love for Antiquity: Selections from the Joukowsky Collection, Louvian-la-Neuve, (1985), pp. 63-64, no. 54.
Inv#: 8978

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