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Attic Red-Figure Krater: Marsyas and Apollo

An ancient Attic Greek red-figure bell krater in the manner of the Kadmos Painter decorated with the musical contest between Marsyas and Apollo. On the obverse, Marsyas, playing the double flute, is seated to right on a rocky outcrop. Standing before him is the god Apollo, naked but for a cloak draped about his back and over his arms. A branch of laurel is nestled in the crook of his left arm; he holds out a lyre towards the satyr. Behind Marsyas, a female figure to right, possibly a Muse, is dressed in a long chiton which is patterned, just as is Apollo’s cloak, with a series of small arcs. She carries a flaming torch to illumine the scene. On the far right is Hermes, wearing cloak and petasos and wielding his attribute, the cadeucus, in his right hand. On the reverse are three draped youths.

Athens, Attica.

Ca. 420 – 400 BC.

Height: 13 1/2 in. (34.5 cm).

Formerly in a Swiss private collection.

Inv#: 8796

Price On Request

Guaranteed Authentic

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