Attic Red-Figure Kylix Fragment


Attic Red-Figure Kylix Fragment

An ancient Attic Greek red-figure kylix fragment by the Lid Painter depicting a partially preserved male figure in profile with a billowy himation holding a staff, facing a partially preserved female figure holding out a phiale.

Athens, Attica.
Ca. 440 - 430 BC.
Diagonal: 4 1/4 in. (10.7 cm).

The Lid Painter was an Athenian red-figure vase-painter whose real name is unknown. Nevertheless,consistent individual characteristics of style suggest the existence of a unique artistic personality. J.D. Beazley called him the Lid Painter after a lid of a pyxis by his hand in the British Museum. Like his colleague, the Marley Painter, he is largely known for painting stemless kylikes.

cf.:British Museum inv. no. 1917,0726.1, Kunsthitorisches Museum,Vienna, inv. no. 149.

Formerly in a California private collection.

Inv#: 8726


Guaranteed Authentic

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