Lucanian Red-Figure Skyphos


Lucanian Red-Figure Skyphos

An ancient Lucanian Greek red-figure skyphos decorated; on each side the head of Athena, in profile to left, wearing a crested Attic helmet helmet, with palmettes under the handles.

Lucania, Magna Graecia, Southern Italy.
Ca. 350 - 300 BC.
Height: 4 in. (10.2 cm).

The output and quality of the Greek colonial potters working in Southern Italy increased greatly following the Peloponnesian War when Attic exports fell off sharply. South Italian Colonial Greek craftsmanship of the 4th century BC was an amalgamation of the Ionian (Athenian, Attic) conventions, and Doric (western colonial Greek) styles, with a noticeable native Italian aesthetic. The five predominant regional schools of South Italian pottery were: Apulian, Sicilian, Lucanian, Paestan, and Campanian.

Formerly in the Jerome Eisenberg collection, New York; previously Tollmann collection, Cologne, acquired, in the 1960s.

Inv#: 8623


Guaranteed Authentic

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