Mark Antony and Octavia


Mark Antony and Octavia

Silver cistophorus, 25 mm, 10.85 gm.
Obv: M ANTONIVS IMP COS DESICITER ET TERT Head of Antony right, wearing ivy wreath, lituus below; all within wreath of ivy and flowers.
Rev: Draped bust of Octavia right above cista mystica; flanked by coiled snakes.

Ephesus mint, Summer-autumn 39 BC.

Trajan was born in Spain, he served in the German wars under Domitian, before being appointed governor of Germany under Nerva. He defeated Decebalus of Dacia in 102 and erected the Forum of Trajan. He died peacefully in Cilicia in 117 AD.

RPC I 2201; CRI 262; Sydenham 1197; RSC 2.

From the Ken Bressett Collection.

Inv#: 8267


Guaranteed Authentic

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