Sumerian Cylinder Seal

Sumerian Cylinder Seal

An ancient Sumerian light green stone cylinder seal with two bands of X's and dots.

Jemdet Nasr Period,
Ca. 3100 - 2900 BC.
Height: 1 in. (2.2 cm).
Intact. In modern gold finger ring mount.

The site of Jemdet Nasr in northern central Mesopotamia was an important administrative and cultural center at the turn of the 3rd Millenium BC. The Jemdet Nasr Period is associated with the Urban Revolution, the building of cities, the advent of copper and bronze metallurgy, and the transition between prehistory and history.

Formerly in the collection of the renowned Iraqi architect Said Ali Madhloom (1921-2017), brought to the United Kingdom in 1981.

Inv#: 8222


Guaranteed Authentic

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