Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet


Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet

A fragment of an ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablet preserving 10 lines of text detailing the output of barley from various fields.

Third Dynasty of Ur,
Ca. 2150 - 2000 BC.
Length: 2 in. (5 cm).

(for)[x+] 4 iku lebel of field: 30 kor (of barley), Lusha;
(for) 11 iku of field: 10 kor, Lu-Shara, the cattleherder;
(for)3 iku of field: 2 bushels, 1 barel, 1 gallon, Niba;
(for) 2 iku of field; 2 kor, Ur-Abu;
(for) 3 iku of field: 3 kor, Ka-u-x-[x]

Formerly in a California private collection, acquired from Charles Ede, Ltd, London.

Inv#: 7948


Guaranteed Authentic

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