Akkadian Cuneiform Letter


Akkadian Cuneiform Letter

An ancient Old Babylonian cuneiform tablet inscribed with an Akkadian text in the form of a letter pleading for justice for a man wrongly detained.

Old Babylonian Period.
Ca. 1800 - 1600 BC.
Height: 2 5/8 in. (6.8 cm).

"Say to my Lord (i.e., the king): 'Thus says Sangira, your servant: Health and wellbeing to my Lord's city and ...Halu-rabi is in... and the kings are sitting (in attendance) before him. (He said:) 'your (pl.) troops have taken the... provisions.' Iakun-ashar has taken command. He will go to ..., and he went over to the bandits. The information that he heard I have written to my Lord. Secondly, concerning the man who has been detained in Amur-sadi, my Lord must not be glad! Let his brother go with my Lord's messenger so he will not be treated badly. Is there no justice in Amur-sadi...? He has been seized for false reasons(?)! Let my Lord decide his case."

Formerly in a California private collection, acquired from Charles Ede, Ltd, London.

Inv#: 7947


Guaranteed Authentic

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