Bronze Age European Sword


Bronze Age European Sword

An ancient Bronze Age European sword with a slender double edged blade, a flat punched hilt tongue with beveled edges, and punched holes to secure the hilt.

Late Bronze Age, Central Europe.
Hallstatt, ca. 1200 - 900 BC.
Length: 25 1/4 in. (64.2 cm).

The inhabitants of Central Europe from Gaul to the Danube Basin in the second millennium BC coalesced into a culture identified in the archaeological record by large well defined cemeteries containing numerous cremation burials contained in cinerary urns. The graves were often accompanied by bronze tools and ornaments. The wealthiest burials were those of warriors and princes, often containing finely made bronze swords, spears, and adornments.

cf.: W. Menghin, Hallstattzeit, Die Altetertumer im Museum fur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte, (Berlin, 1999), p. 80, no. 32.

Formerly in the collection of Mr. Simon S., London.

Inv#: 7542


Guaranteed Authentic

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