Cypriot Spouted Vessel


Cypriot Spouted Vessel

An ancient Cypriot Red Polished Ware vessel with long, tubular spout, single horizontal handle, and decorated with incised bands around the belly and base of the spout.

Early Cypriot III; Red Polished Ware.
Ca. 2000-1800 BC.
Length: 7 1/8 in. (18 cm).

Red Polished Ware is a term applied to pottery of the Cypriot Bronze Age. Ceramics in this ware were handmade, monochrome vessels with smooth surfaces, painted in red or red-brown slips and burnished to a medium or high luster. They had a diverse range of forms, which included elaborate ritual vessels and zoomorphic shapes. Decorations typically consisted of incised motifs, relief decorations or mottled surfaces. The black rims and interiors of some vessels were created by use of specific and well-controlled firing techniques.

Cf. Karageorghis, Ancient Cyprus, (1981), pp. 33, 37, cat. 21 for discussion of dating and decoration.

Formerly in the collection of Dr. Wallace A. Russell, Tampa, Florida; purchased on Cyprus, 1970.

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Guaranteed Authentic

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