Safavid Cut-Steel Panel


Safavid Cut-Steel Panel

A Safavid four-lobed polished steel decorative plate intricately cut with a pattern of openwork scrolling arabesques.

Ca. 17th century.
Length: 5 1/2 in. (14 cm).

The Safavid Dynasty from 1501 to 1722 was among the most significant ruling dynasties of Iran. The Dynasty originated in the Safavid order of Sufism, which was established in the city of Ardabi. The Safavids established control over all of Iran, becoming the first native dynasty since the Sasanian Empire to establish a national state. They produced a great quantity of literature, painting and fine metal work.

Formerly in a New York private collection; Christie's, London, April 20, 1999, lot 63.

Inv#: 8206


Guaranteed Authentic

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