Egyptian Bronze Ibis


Egyptian Bronze Ibis

An ancient Egyptian bronze standing ibis with large talons, the tail feathers inlaid with glass paste.

Saite Period, 26th Dynasty,
Ca. 664-525 BC.
Height: 4 7/8 in. (11 cm).

The ibis was especially associated with Thoth, one of the most important Egyptian gods. Thoth played a role in maintaining the universe, along with his wife Maat (truth). Thoth was also heavily associated with scribal procedures and writing, and by extension with magic, science, and judgment.

Formerly in the collection of Dr. Isidor Silbermann, acquired at Parke-Bernet auction, New York, April 30, 1959, lot 124; then in the possession of his son Dr. George Harell, New Orleans; subsequently J. W. collection, Salem, Oregon.

Inv#: 7632


Guaranteed Authentic

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