Danish Neolithic Stone Double Axe


Danish Neolithic Stone Double Axe

A Danish Neolithic black stone double axe of the so-called Amazon Axe type. With raised curved blades extending at each end, drilled through the center.

Found in Denmark.
Ca. 3500 - 3000 BC.
Length: 6 3/8 in. (16 cm).

Stone axes were important tools and trade items in Neolithic Europe. Polished stone axes, which are more durable than flaked axes, were essential for clearing forests during the Neolithic period, when crop and livestock farming were first introduced into Europe. Late Neolithic examples were drilled through to attach to a handle.

Cf.: the Walternienburg Axe from Saxony Anhalt now in the Landesmuseum fur Vorgeschichte Saxony.

Formerly in the collection of Walter Ehlert, Germany, found in 1928 in Jutland, Denmark.

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