Etruscan Bronze Negau Helmet


Etruscan Bronze Negau Helmet

An ancient Etruscan bronze helmet of the Negau type. The crown has a central ridge running front to back and a ribbed tube for a plume. There is a row of stamped upright palmettes along the edge of the crown, and rows of vertical and horizontal lines on the rim.

Ca. 500-450 BC.
Height (excl. crest): 8 1/4 in. (21 cm).
River patina

Etruscan helmets of the Negau type are named for the village in Slovenia where a cache of such helmets was initially found in 1812.

Cf. similar Negau helmets in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, inv. no. 1970.35, and the Antikensammlung, Berlin, inv. no. Fr. 1019. For a discussion of the Negau helmet type, see: Antike Helme. Sammlung Lipperheide und andere Bestände des Antikenmuseums Berlin (Mainz, 1988), pp. 243-270.

Formerly in a Connecticut private collection.

Inv#: 7270


Guaranteed Authentic

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