Egyptian Bronze Falcon Finial

Egyptian Bronze Falcon Finial

An ancient Egyptian bronze scepter finial surmounted by a falcon wearing the double plumed solar crown and standing on a papyrus column.

Late period to Ptolemaic period.
Ca. 664-30 BC.
Height: 4 1/4 in. (10.8 cm).

The falcon was associated with several different Egyptian deities, and was a symbol of the sun-god Amun-Re and the sky-god Horus, as well as the war-god Montu, who was also a solar deity. The feathered crown with the sun disk is characteristic of both Amun-Re and Montu. The falcon here likely represents Montu, as Montu is often depicted as a falcon-headed god wearing the plumed solar crown.

Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art inv. no. 86.1.72, the falcon wearing the double crown of Egypt; University College London inv. no. 52736 and Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum inv. no. FIC.07.427, the falcon-headed god Montu wearing the plumed solar crown. An amulet in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, inv. no. 86.815, shows the falcon on a standard.

Formerly in the collection of Bernard A. Edison, St. Louis, Missouri; purchased from Superior Stamp & Coin Co. in Los Angeles, 1988.

Inv#: 7259


Guaranteed Authentic

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