Aramaic Incantation Bowl


Aramaic Incantation Bowl

An ancient Judeo-Aramaic incantation bowl with an inscription spiraling around the interior. The inscription in nine lines invokes protection from various demons and Lilith, and quotes the Biblical verse Numbers 12:13b.

Ca. 6th - 8th century AD.
Diameter: 6 in. (15.4 cm).

Inscription in nine lines, translated by Prof. J.N. Ford:
1 Sealed and double sealed (!) is the house of Malkonay
2 son of Mahlafta against demons, and against devs, and against Danahis son of
3 Lilith, and against a curse and against a vow and a spell and against a blow (!) and against
4 all sorts of destroyers that swarm forth in(to) the world. May the house of Malkonay son of Mahlafta and Duda
5 daughter (text: son) of Ida be saved from an evil affliction, and from every satan and
accuser, and from evil witchcraft, and from mighty (magical) practices. I adjure you,
6 all evil witchcraft and mighty (magical) practices, that you depart and go out from the
house of Malkonay son of Ma lafta and Duda daughter (text: son) of Ida and (that) you not
7 cause damage in the house again forever. Depart, fever, fever of Nirig! Depart from the house of Malkonay son of Ma lafta and from the house (of) Duda daughter (text: son) of Ida, and from
8 Duday daughter of Duda, and from Mirhormiz son of Duda, and do not come against it by means of witchcraft of humans again forever. Amen, Amen, Selah. O God, pray heal me from
9 (...) every evil thing, from now and forever!

Formerly in an American private collection.

Inv#: 7150


Guaranteed Authentic

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