Egyptian Faience Female Figure

Egyptian Faience Female Figure

An ancient Egyptian faience female figure with elaborate tattoos painted on her body. She holds a basket above her head and has a vessel between her feet.

Third Intermediate Period?Late Period
Dynasty 22?26
Ca. 945?525 BC.
Height: 5 7/8 in. (14.9 cm).

Previously identified as "concubines," female figures of this type are now understood as symbols of fertility, which was essential in both this life and the next. They were set up in the home to enhance a wife's fruitfulness and a husband's potency. As tomb offerings, they perpetuated the deceased?s sexual power in the afterlife.

Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art, inv. no. 86.1.55. J. Bulté, Talismans égyptiens d'heureuse maternité, Paris, 2005. Type I: pp. 41-44, pls. 18-19.

Formerly in the Estate of William Kelly Simpson.

Inv#: 7144


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