Mesopotamian Pike Blade


Mesopotamian Pike Blade

An ancient Bronze Age Mesopotamian large pike blade with a long quadrangular tang and pronounced mid-rib. It has been suggested that this is a pike blade used by foot soldiers to take down enemy cavalry.

Ca. 2000-1500 BC.
Length: 20 in. (51 cm).

Large lance and pike blades coincide with the introduction of cavalry into Mesopotamian militaries in the mid-2nd millennium BC. Mounted troops and chariots formed an important new contingent of the armies of Babylon and Assyria as they vied with the Hittites and Egyptians for control of the Middle East.

Cf.: Antiquities from Europe and the Near East in the Collection of Lord McAlpine of Westgreen, (Oxford, 1987), p. 128, no. 17.18.

Formerly in an American private collection.

Inv#: 7093


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