Greek Bronze Phrygian Helmet


Greek Bronze Phrygian Helmet

An ancient Hellenistic Greek bronze helmet modeled as a Phrygian cap, with high frontally curving peak, with recessed flanged visor and neck guard, a palmette crest attachment on one side of the peak, perforated holes on each side.

Ca. 400-300 BC.
Height: 13 1/2 in. (34 cm).

The Phrygian type helmet exists in fewer than 50 surviving examples today, of those, less than 30 preserve these stylized bearded cheek pieces. The helmet type was especially popular in Macedonia and Thrace in the 4th century BC.

Similar examples include: National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece, inv. no. 163; Archaeological Institute and Museum of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, inv. no. 14061; and fragments in the Ny Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark; and Princeton Universtiy Art Museum, New Jersey.

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Formerly in a private collection, Geneva, Switzerland, acquired in the 1980's.

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