Hellenistic Green Glass Bowl


Hellenistic Green Glass Bowl

An ancient Hellenistic Greek translucent cast matte green glass vessel, of hemispherical shape. The vessel walls are thick, curving gently from the rim to the round and slightly concave bottom. The rim did not receive any particular modeling but two horizontal grooves were cut along its inner surface.
The bowl belongs to a type of drinking vessels well-known in antiquity.

Ca. 2nd - 1st century BC.
Height: 2 1/8 in. (5.3 cm).

This piece, belonging to the Hellenistic period, was executed in the casting technique. It required a mold filled with crushed or powdered glass to be fired in the kiln where melted glass assumed a chosen shape. When the glass has cooled, the object was removed from the mold and decorated in a very simple way: the exterior was polished and two lathe-cut grooves were added to the interior side of the rim.

Formerly in a European private collection, 1980's.

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