Roman Bronze Helmet: Montefortino Type


Roman Bronze Helmet: Montefortino Type

An ancient Roman Republican bronze helmet of the Montefortino Type. The hemispherical body is crowned by an incised knob. The lower edge is molded in the form of a rope. A small flange at the back. Rivets remain at the sides where cheek pieces were once attached.

Ca. 3rd - 1st century BC.
Height: 8 1/2 in. (21.6 cm).
Dented from battle damage.

The Roman Montefortino type helmet, so named after the site where one was first excavated, was the predominant helmet of the Roman legionnaire of the Republican Period. It was based on Celtic antecedents. The helmet was relatively easy to manufacture and versatile with hinged cheek pieces.

Cf.: Metropolitan Museum of Art, inv. no. 2015.758.1; Bottini, Hase, Egg, Pflug, et al., Antike Helme, Sammlung Lipperheide und Andere Bestände des Antikenmuseums Berlin, (Mainz, 1988), pp. 525-529, cat. nos. 109-113; M. Junkelmann, "Römische Helme - Sammlung Axel Guttmann," (Berlin/Mainz, 2000), pp. 112-114, Abb. 37-39.

Formerly in the Ralph Willard collection, Boston, MA. 1980s; subsequently, Spangenberg collection, Texas, 2008-2018.

Inv#: 7027


Guaranteed Authentic

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