Cypriot Bichrome Amphora


Cypriot Bichrome Amphora

An ancient Cypriot large bichrome ware amphora, with lateral handles, the body pained with thin parallel lines at the shoulder and vertical geometric decoration on the neck.

Cypro-Archaic I; Bichrome IV Ware.
Ca. 750-600 BC.
Height: 10 in. (25.5 cm).

Bichrome ware originated in early Iron Age Phoenicia and spread to Cyprus where it became for a time the dominant pottery style.

Formerly in the collection of The Cyprus Museum, Jacksonville, North Carolina, no. 392.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus in 1990, George Vassiliou, recognized the owner of the Cyprus Museum, Takey Crist, as having acquired the museum's pieces with full legal recognition by the Republic of Cyprus.

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