Cypriot Terracotta Cloaked Man

Cypriot Terracotta Cloaked Man

A large ancient Cypriot terracotta standing figure of a man with his left arm held to his side and his right fist emerging from his cloak. He wears a long beard and on his head, a tiered cap.

Ca. 6th century BC.
Height: 11 5/8 in. (29.4 cm).

Cypriot artisans produced terracotta sculptures of all sizes. The ceramic workshops that specialized in the manufacture of figurines were often located close to important sanctuaries. This male figure likely represents and was dedicated by a worshipper. His pose, with one arm bent across the chest, is typical of such figurines.

Formerly in the Charterhouse collection, England, where it was noted that this piece was bought from C. Sherriford and presented to Dr. Haig Brown; Sotheby's, London, November 5, 2002, lot 40

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