M. Plaetorius Cestianus


M. Plaetorius Cestianus

Silver denarius, 18 mm, 4.03 gm.
Obv.: CESTIANVS behind, S C before,
Bust of Vacuna right, wearing helmet, with wreath of laurel, corn, poppy, and lotus; bow and quiver on shoulder, cornucopia below.
Eagle standing right with wings spread.

Rome, 57 BC.

The traditional identification of the female bust on this coins as Vacuna is tenuous. An identification as Isis is perhaps correct. In short, the identification of the obverse type is uncertain, as the female has attributes of Isis, Minerva, Apollo, Diana, and Victory.

Crawford 409/1; Sydenham 809.

Ex Munzen and Medaillen auktion 53, lot 198, Nov. 29, 1977; CNG sale 55, lot 1058, (5/13/2000).

Inv#: 6959


Guaranteed Authentic

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