Old Babylonian Glass Paste Cylinder Seal


Old Babylonian Glass Paste Cylinder Seal

An ancient Old Babylonian blue-green glass paste cylinder seal depicting a seated figure, probably a god or a king, before whom are two other figures, holding hands.

Ca. 2000 - 1700 BC.
Height: 1 in. (2.3 cm).

Presentation scenes on Old Babylonian seals are derived from those of the Neo-Sumerian period. The official deification of kings ended by the Old Babylonian period but the imagery of the enthroned god/king persisted (Teissier 1984, p. 22-23).

cf.: B. Teissier, Ancient Near Eastern Seals from the Marcopoli Collection, (Los Angeles, 1984), nos. 20-27.

Formerly in an American private collection.

Inv#: 6913


Guaranteed Authentic

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