Attic Greek Black-Figure Lekythos

Attic Greek Black-Figure Lekythos

An ancient Athenian black-figure lekythos of the "Hound and Hare Group," with a scene of a soldier's departure. He is on horseback with a pelt shield on his back, with nude attendants before and behind holding his javelins. On the shoulder a hound pursues a hare.

Athens, Attica.
Ca. 500-480 BC.
Height: 4 1/4 in. (10.8 cm).

The lekythos was used to hold olive oil in antiquity and was often left as a grave offering.

Formerly in the S. B. collection, inherited from Captain Wendell Phillips who acquired it during the Allied liberation of Sicily in 1943.

Inv#: 6874


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