Roman Marble Torso of Meleager

Roman Marble Torso of Meleager

An ancient Roman marble torso of a young heroic man, nude except for a mantle draped over his breast and shoulders. The leaning stance and heroic nudity are reminiscent of the famous and widely copied Greek statue by Skopas of the Argonaut Meleager.

Ca. 1st century AD.
Height: 28 1/2 in. (72.5 cm).

Meleager, the son of Oeneus, King of Calydon, was one of the Argonauts that accompanied Jason on his voyage for the Golden Fleece. Meleager famously slayed the Calydonian boar, but a quarrel over the hide ensued and the youthful hero killed his mother's brothers. His mother, Althea, killed Meleager by burning a branch that had been the source of his immortality

Cf.: A.F. Stewart, Skopas of Paros, Park Ridge, New Jersey, 1977, pp. 142-144.

Formerly in the A. D. collection, Paris, acquired in the 1970s.

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