Hadrian 117-138 AD


Hadrian 117-138 AD

Bronze Sestertius, 31.5 mm, 26.27 gm.
Laureate head of Hadrian right.
Rev: COS III, S C in exergue, Roma, helmeted, seated on cuirass, holding Victory in right hand, cornucopia in left; shield behind.

Rome mint, struck ca. AD 124 - 128.

Hadrian was born in Italica Spain (1/24/76AD), at the age of 10 he was adopted by Trajan. He was appointed governor of Syria in 113 and proclaimed emperor upon Trajan's death. After a long reign, he died of illness.

RIC II 636; Strack 611; Banti 186; BMCRE 1300; Cohen 343.

Inv#: 6809


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