Wari Double Bird Headed Gold Plume

Wari Double Bird Headed Gold Plume

A Pre-Columbian Wari gold feather plume worked with embossed designs and cutout decoration of two birds standing on Puma heads with serpents in their beaks.

Peru, Central Coast.
Ca. 650-1100 AD.
Height 10 1/2 in. (26.7 cm).

The Huari (Wari) culture of the Andean highlands eventually dominated most of the Peruvian coastline until they were succeeded by the Inca.

Cf. a similar plume in the Berlin Museum measures 8 ¾? and is illustrated in WARI - Lords of the Andes, fig. 216.

Formerly in the collection of Robert Sonin.

Inv#: 6801


Guaranteed Authentic

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