Five Greek Bronze Arrowheads

Five Greek Bronze Arrowheads

Five ancient Greek bronze socketed arrowheads of bilobed, trilobed, and barbed forms.

Ca. 6th - 3rd century BC.
Maximum length: 1 3/4 in. (4.5 cm).
Total Height Mounted: 11 in. (27.5 cm).

Arrowheads of this type were employed by Greek archers and their Persian enemies from as early as the 6th century BC. Greek archers were lightly armed mobile skirmishers often deployed on the flanks or surrounding high ground in support of the hoplite phalanx. Among the Greeks, the Cretans and the Scythians were regarded as the finest archers of antiquity.

cf. for similar examples found in Athens: D. Cahn, Waffen und Zaumzeug, (Basel) no. 20.

Formerly in a European private collection.

Inv#: 6798


Guaranteed Authentic

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