Egyptian Blue Heart Scarab of Nes-udja-Hathor


Egyptian Blue Heart Scarab of Nes-udja-Hathor

An ancient Egyptian blue heart scarab, the upper side carved anatomically as a beetle, the base is inscribed with text naming, Nes-udja-Hathor.

26th dynasty,
Ca. 664-525 BC.
Length: 2 3/4 in. (7 cm).

The Heart Scarab was a large scarab placed on the heart of the deceased within the mummy wrappings. The base of the scarab was often inscribed with a text similar to the one found in chapter 30 of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The text deals with the weighing of the heart ceremony before gaining entrance to the Afterlife. The individual's heart was judged (weighed) by Maat, goddess of justice, truth, and order, to determine if the individual was worthy of entering the Afterlife.

Formerly in a British Collection prior to 1983; with Marianne Maspero, Paris; with Galerie Cybele, Paris; subsequently, R. C. collection, Brussels.

Inv#: 6794


Guaranteed Authentic

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