First Jewish Revolt 67-68 AD


First Jewish Revolt 67-68 AD

Bronze prutah, 18mm, 2.99 gm.
Obverse: Ornate wine amphora.
Hebrew inscription: 'for the freedom of Zion'.
Rev: vine leaf on branch with tendril
Hebrew inscription: 'deliverance of Zion'.

Struck in Jerusalem, 67-68 AD.
Year 2 of the revolt.

Nero sent the general, later emperor, Vespasian to subdue the revolt, which he did. These coins have been found in hoards at the legendary stronghold of Masada. Vespasian's son Titus conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple.

Meshorer 196; Hendin 1360.

From the George Bernert Collection.

Inv#: 6769


Guaranteed Authentic

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