Egyptian Wood Mummy Sarcophagus of Irethorrou

Egyptian Wood Mummy Sarcophagus of Irethorrou

An ancient Egyptian carved wooden painted anthropomorphic sarcophagus lid of Irethorrou, son of Hetep-Amun. The broad cheerful face, false beard and ears are carved in relief; the wig painted in red, blue, and yellow vertical lines. The broad collar is richly painted with alternating bands of lotus, papyrus and geometric designs. Below is the goddess Nut with wings outstretched. A Hieroglyphic inscription above reads., "Words spoken by Nut the Great, who gave birth to the gods, the Osiris, Irethorrou." The lower portion with four columns of text flanked by the four sons of Horus. The text below asks of, "a good burial and bread, beer, cattle, fowl, wine, milk, incense, alabaster, cloth and cool water..."

First Persian Period,
Ca. 450 - 400 BC.
Height: 70 in. (178 cm).

Cf.: The sarcophagus of Herishef, Ashmolean Museum since 1904; Middlebury College Museum of Art, inv. no. 2000.014.

Formerly in an American private collection; previously in the a Swiss private collection, acquired in the 1970s.

Inv#: 6731

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