Roman Marble Nymph


Roman Marble Nymph

An ancient Roman marble torso of a reclining Nymph with her garment wrapped around her left arm and lower back.

Ca. 1st century AD.
Height: 5 1/2 in. (14 cm).

A nymph (Greek: ) in Classical mythology is a young female deity associated with the natural world. Important geographical sites often had patron nymphs identified with them, such as mountains, forests, springs, rivers and lakes, or the sea itself. Nymphs were also part of the divine retinues of pastoral gods such as Apollo, Dionysos and Pan, or woodland goddesses, such as Artemis, who was the deity of all nymphs. Nymphs were renowned for their otherworldly seductiveness and many a Greek shepherd or traveler succumbed to their charms.

Formerly in a French private collection, 19th century, subsequently in a French private collection (accompanied by French cultural export passport).

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