Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Seal of Solomon


Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Seal of Solomon

An ancient Jewish-Babylonian-Aramaic incantation bowl with an outward spiraling text inscription in twelve lines invoking the angel Asargon and the seal of King Solomon.

Ca. 6th - 7th century AD.
Diameter: 6 1/4 in. (16 cm).

1 I descended to the depths of the earth, the fundaments
2 of the world with my (own) eyes l saw, as for the tremors of the world-
3 I observed them. And behold, I heard a sound of speaking that speaks
4 from within the basmal. It spoke and spoke and said thus: I am Sagi the swift (angel) who cries out
5 before the Lord of the World over newborns of women who are snatched (away). l sat upon graves of the dead, and there were women
6 and they moaned and said thus: We saw (something) like like brilliance of lightening and we observed something like the likeness of clouds. And behold, we saw four beasts
7 that are sent against the newborns of women. that snatch and strangle and rip apart (?) and
devour and steal and rob and seize and take away and expropriate. These are
8 the names of the beasts.: one is 'mwmyt', one is 'brymyf, one is 'blylyt' and one is 'shyt bt ywm.' These are the ones
9 that strangle and snatch and rip apart (?) and devour. They are bound and sealed and doubly scaled, that they not touch and not approach and not harm Mahalfa son of Bavlayta
10 nor his wire, sons, and daughters ... that he has and will have. They are bound and sealed by the image of the signet-ring of King Solomon son of David, and by the great seal
11 by which heaven and earth are sealed. Furthermore, you are bound and sealed by the signet-ring of the angel Asargon, the binder of bonds and the sealer of seals, whose knot no one can undo and whose seal
12 no one can break, Amen, Amen. Selah.

Formerly in an American private collection, 1980's, translated by Dr. James Nathan Ford, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv.

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Guaranteed Authentic

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