Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Demon


Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Demon

An ancient Aramaic incantation bowl with an image of a bound Demon in the center a Judeo-Aramaic text in seven lines extends outward from the center naming Bathabashba, daughter of Palgyah.

Ca. 6th - 8th century AD.
Diameter: 7 1/8 in. (18.3 cm).

Sealed and counter sealed... ... and the dwelling of Bathabashba, daughter of Palgyah and their house and their dwelling in its four corners, sealed by seven seals and eught bindings by which are sealed... ...(the special) man (by the rock) by which the sky... ... the seal by which are sealed heaven and earth. ...and may be sealed and Bathabashba, daughter of Palgyah and their seed and their dwelling from all demons and from all afflictions and from all satans and from every evil thing and hateful speech, and from...
Amen, amen, saleh.

Formerly in a California private collection.

Inv#: 6712


Guaranteed Authentic

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