Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Biblical Quotes


Aramaic Incantation Bowl: Biblical Quotes

An ancient Jewish-Babylonian-Aramaic incantation bowl with an outward spiraling text inscription in thirteen lines with four biblical quotations including the Shema.

Ca. 6th - 7th century AD.
Diameter: 7 in. (18 cm).

1 Healing. I have seized and boun[d] this [de]mon (and) idol-spirit who is called Warodaq
2 with chains of iron and with cords of bron[ze] upon your [entire] body. I have made you swear by the master of your treasure house and (by) your tufts of hair, ,
3 by your deity and by your kingdom, that you go out from [your] place and from your camp [and] you not appear in the house and in the dwelling of Berikh-Yahwe
4 son of Immay and of Miryay daughter of Ayna, from this day and for[ever]. Amen, Amen, Selah. [In the name of] Gabriel, Michael. Nuriel , you who are appointed
5 over demons and over plagues and over idol-spirits. You, annul this demon (and) idol-spirit who [is called Warodaq from the house of Berikh-Yahwe son of Immay
6 and of Miryay daughter of Ayna. y ynws yw whose ineffable name goes out (?) from his place. Furthermore, I have seized, bound and sealed (you), you, this evil demon
7 or idol-spirit who is called Warodaq, and I have sealed it with the signet-ring El Shadday and with the signet-ring of Solomon son of David, king of the demons and great ruler of the liliths. He brought the demons and no-good-ones into submission
8 and cast them into a great rock of flint. He indeed measured the water of the Euphrates and indeed counted the sand which is at its mouth. rtyt mrtyt ygryt mmwt yh. Why, you
9 are less than nothing, your effect is less than nullity; one who chooses you is an abomination.4 dd bdd bn bdd Agdaniel, the chief of those who serve, sps s drwsyh qwb y y w wy w bry l ygl w
10 wtyn and they write in them. You are bound and sealed, you, evil demon who is called Warodaq. Binders of bonds and sealers of idol-spirits, you, bind and seal! In the name of the angel wtm,
11 before whom the angels stand. Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. Holy, holy, holy! The Lord of Hosts! His presence fills all the earth!6 Akatriel Yah and Akatriel Yah, bind and seal
12 the demon and the spirit and the d v and the lilith and the mevakkalta from the house of Berikh-Yah[we son of Immay] and from the doorway of Miryay daughter of Ayna, his wife, and from their sons and from their daughters, from this day and forever. Amen,
13 Amen, Selah. Hallelujah for your name. Hallelujah for your kingdom. Amen, Amen. Selah. And the Lord said to Sa[tan: May] the Lord rebuke you, O Satan; may the Lord, he who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is this not a brand plucked from the fire.

Formerly in an American private collection, 1980's, translated by Dr. James Nathan Ford, Bar-Ilan University, Tel-Aviv.

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Guaranteed Authentic

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