Greek Terracotta Comical Actor

Greek Terracotta Comical Actor

An ancient Hellenistic Greek terracotta statuette of a pot-bellied comical actor with an exaggerated phallus, known as a Phylax. He stands with his right foot forward leaning his right elbow on a column. He wears a comical mask and a light blue mantle.

Canosa, southern Italy.
Ca. 4th-3rd century BC.
Height: 5 in. (12.6 cm).

Accompanied by a thermoluminescence test conducted in 1992 by Laboratory Ralf Kotalla confirming its date of firing to 300 BC +/- 20%
(no. 02101104)

cf.: M. Bieber, The History of Greek and Roman Theater, (Princeton, 1961), figs. 402-407, 410 - 413.

Formerly in a Swiss private collection , since the 1980's.

Inv#: 6614


Guaranteed Authentic

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