Danish Neolithic Flint Dagger

Danish Neolithic Flint Dagger

A Danish Neolithic flint dagger with a bifaced leaf shaped blade and a quadrangular grip (Type III form).

Found in Denmark.
Ca. 5000-3000 BC.
Length: 7 1/4 in. (18.4 cm).

Stone axes were important tools and trade items in Neolithic Europe. Polished stone axes, which are more durable than flaked axes, were essential for clearing forests during the Neolithic period, when crop and livestock farming were first introduced into Europe.

cf.: Antiquities from Europe and the Near East in the Collection of Lord McAlpine of Westgreen, (Oxford, 1987), pp. 78-80.

Formerly in the collection of Lord McAlpine of Westgreen, England, 1970's, inv. no. M.800.

Inv#: 6564


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