Roman Marble Head of Hadrian

Roman Marble Head of Hadrian

An ancient Roman small marble portrait head of the emperor Hadrian, who reigned 117 -138 AD. He is depicted with characteristic beard and curled locks of hair.

Ca. mid 2nd century AD.
Height: 3 1/4 in. (8.1 cm).
Very fine style.

The arrangement of the locks of hair around the face reproduces one of Hadrian?s portrait types in particular, the so-called "Rolllockentypus" (in German - "Rolling locks type"). A characteristic of the Rolllockentypus is that the ends of hair locks framing the face curl upwards on the left side of the face, but downwards on the right side. In this portrait, the scheme of the type is somewhat simplified by the sculptor, due to the small scale.

Cf C. Evers, Les portraits d'Hadrien. Typologie et ateliers (BrĂ¼ssel 1994) 233ff. for the Rollockentypus.

Formerly in the Fabian de Montjoye collection, Paris, acquired in the 1990s; previously in an old French private collection.

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