Egyptian Limestone Relief

Egyptian Limestone Relief

An ancient Egyptian limestone sunk relief depicting four male figures pulling a sledge which would have carried a cult image of Osiris, whose name is inscribed in hieroglyphs at the far top right, the male figure in the middle turned towards the god, burning incense, next to him a column of hieroglyphs reads, "making an incense offering," the figure on the far right empties a vessel in front of the missing sledge.

Probably from Saqqara.
New Kingdom 19th Dynasty,
Ca. 1320-1200 BC.
Width: 19 1/2 in. (49.4 cm).

Formerly in the collection of The Haggin Museum, Stockton, California; acquired by Bruce A. Kamerling from Royal Athena Galleries, New York, June 26, 1994; at auction, Sotheby's, London, 28-29 October 1993, lot 62; previously in the F. F. Steele collection, London, 1970s.

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