Egyptian Wood Stele of Pekhy son of Pa-di-qen

Egyptian Wood Stele of Pekhy son of Pa-di-qen

An ancient Egyptian wood stele for Pekhy son of Pa-di-qen. The stele is painted with a scene of the gods Shu, Khepri, Atum, and Ra-Horakhty, before the Ba-Bird of the deceased perched with its arms raised.

Late Period, ca. 664-332 BC.
Height: 22 in. (56 cm).

The Osiris Pekhy son of Pa-di-qen, justified,
1) Offering that the King gives to Harakhty master of the sky, variegated of feathers
2) who is coming out of the horizon that he may give the (luminous) state of akhu
3) in the sky next to Re, strength on earth next to Geb, a beautiful Osirian
4) glorification to the Osiris Pekhy, justified, son of Pa-di-qen, justified, born to the
5) housewife Setjit, justified, eternally, for ever, Iken, justified.

Formerly in a Belgian private collection, Brussels, acquired in the 1970s.

Inv#: 6457


Guaranteed Authentic

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