Egyptian Funerary Cone: Vizier Ramose


Egyptian Funerary Cone: Vizier Ramose

An ancient Egyptian clay funerary cone with a round face impressed with text in raised relief for: ?Thou worshippest Re, twice, at dawn, hereditary prince, sole companion, count, who presides over the Weru (the ?Great One?), overseer of the city, vizier, Ramose, true of voice?

New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty,
Ca. 1550-1295 BC.
Width: 3 1/2 in. (8.7 cm).

Egyptian funerary cones were traditionally inserted in rows with their inscribed flat ends facing outward above the entrances of the superstructures of non-royal tombs in Thebes from the XVIIIth to XXVIth Dynasties, ca. 1550-525BC. The texts generally give the name and titles of the tomb's owners.

cf.: G. Dibley & B. Lipkin, A Compendium of Egyptian Funerary Cones, (2009), no. 132.

Formerly in the Carl DeVries collection, purchased in the early 1970s.

Inv#: 6400


Guaranteed Authentic

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